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This portal is operational keeping in mind the sole aim of flaunting the rich culture of India and the success of the Indian diaspora.
People of India are spread overseas at different parts of the globe and they with them, take our country’s culture which is an amalgamation of several cultures. Different religions, specifically – Budhism, Hinduism, Sikkhism and Jainism took forward the cultural richness and values of our nation.
In line with it, Dekho 360 (dekho360.com) will try and bring to you the 360 degree videos of various temples and gurudwaras situated across the globe. We move with an aim “When you cannot reach the world, let the world come to you”.
360 degree videos will help in showcasing the temples and Gurudwaras in High Definition clarity and also capturing the every part surounding the monument. It will almost give ‘live experience’ of visitng the place despite staying hundreds and thousands of miles away.
We are not a company and also we are not a community. We are just common man who have come with a startup to enrich India’s culture across the globe. Hence, we need your support, both economically and emotionally, to fulfill our mission. If you find us genuine and and if you want to become a part of it, feel free to contact us.