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From text, pictures to live videos and now virtual reality, news and media is on a changing spree to serve users more captivating and stunning content. Dekho360 (www.dekho360.com) is one such initiative aimed to present news, views and lifestyle in 360 video format which means when the video plays, watch the scene come alive.This is one of its kind initiative as 360 degree videos till date are majorly made for fun and portrays the scenic beauty but dekho360.com will bring news from the spot from noted journalists in the most interactive virtual format. Dekho360.com also will boast the report card of politicians,departments and celebrities through a well-known media platform – News Rating Point. Dekho360.com is committed towards serving its mission of catering the globe with the diverse Indian culture. Indian cultural and religious influence have spread over many parts of the world and dekho360.com would become a torchbearer to bring 360 degree videos of temples and Gurudwaras located in different parts of the globe.Precisely, “when you cannot reach the world, dekho360.com will bring the world close to you”.

Click on the links to know more about Hindu, Jain, Buddha temples and Gurudwaras in 360 video:
http://temple.dekho360.com (English)
http://mandir.dekho360.com (हिन्दी)